Marvelowls™ Exclusive Inquisitor Wand + Box

Our New Partner Marvelowls™ Presents: Inquisitor – 33cm/13″

Existing since 2016, all of their wands are handmade with preposterous attention to detail.

These luxury wands use all-natural components, such as wood, stone, gems, metal, even crystals, and ceramics.

These wands are made with artisanal cuts of Carpathian Beech, with close attention being paid to the sleek finishes and packaging.

Each wand comes in a gift box which doubles as a display case with stylish embossing.

A must have for the discerning wand collector with galleons to spare.


Please note that this order will be fulfilled from one of our partners. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of this product.

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