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Check out the cracking goodies featured in our May 2020 Wizardry box!

May 2020 Wizardry Box Unboxing

A stellar review of our May 2020 Wizardry Box from the hilarious and delightful Potter Poppet. Jolly, honest, and gave us plenty of laughs.We appreciate the feedback and enthusiasm here.

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Past Boxes

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Sale! Exclusive Polyjuice Potion Recipe Page

Exclusive Potion Recipe Page

£12.99 £9.99

Sale! Exclusive Mad Eye Moody Constant Vigilance Enamel Pin

Exclusive Constant Vigilance Pin

£9.99 £7.99

Sale! Feather Charm Bracelet Charm

Feather Charm Bracelet Charm

£8.99 £5.00

Sale! Mirror of Erised Mini Replica

Exclusive Mirror Mini Replica

£17.99 £14.99

GeekGear Wizardry MAY 2020 Box

GeekGear Wizardry MAY 2020 Box


Luna Lovegood Lost and Found Short Sleeved T-Shirt (Black)

Lost and Found Short Sleeved T-Shirt (Black)



Cat Plate

£12.99 £9.99

Sale! Exclusive Voldemort Community Art Print

Exclusive Nemesis Community Art Print

£12.99 £5.00