Ladies Fitted T-Shirts!

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Due to a massive amount of requests, we have made Ladies Fitted T-Shirt available as an option on ALL of our subscriptions on the 21st of April for our MAY box onwards!

Over the last 6 month, we have listened to our customers, and instead of only offering the Unisex Soft Style T-Shirts, we have now added the LADIES SOFT STYLE FITTED T-Shirts as well ranging from size SMALL to XXL. 

For a more detailed size break down, please check out the T-Shirt Size drop down bar on one of our subscriptions at on the 21st of April.

We now offer all of our customers Unisex T-Shirt sizes, Ladies Fitted T-Shirt sizes as well as Children T-Shirt sizes!

If your current subscription is currently on a Unisex size, and you would like to change it to the Ladies Fitted size, please email us at and we will make all of the relevant changes! 

As always, we listen to our customers and subscribers and always consider each and every request – if you have an ideas, please email!

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